Recurrent implantation failure clinic

Recurrent implantation failure clinic

Having to undergo fertility treatment to have a longed-for child is never easy, but having several rounds of treatment without a pregnancy is much harder. If you have had three or more transfers without a pregnancy, then it may be appropriate to seek a referral for a recurrent implantation failure appointment with Dr Neerja Kamal.

What does the appointment involve?

Dr Kamal will review your previous treatment cycles meeting you to take a detailed medical history. She may order additional tests if indicated.

In many cases, you will also be referred into our preconception care program to meet one of our specially trained fertility nurses to discuss your lifestyle, and discuss any underlying issues that may be contributing to your previous outcomes. If recommended, we may refer you to other healthcare professionals such as hypnotherapists and dietitians, or to exercise physiologists for Yoga, Pilates and so forth. Our goal is to use a holistic approach to maximise your chance of a healthy pregnancy.

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How to I book an appointment?

These appointments are available to both existing patients of Flinders Fertility, and for patients who have had treatment at other clinics and who are seeking a second opinion. For existing patients, your Flinders Fertility doctor will facilitate your appointment, but you may need to obtain another referral. You will be referred back to your Flinders Fertility doctor with any recommendations after your appointment. For new patients, you will need to send your prior treatment records and results to Flinders Fertility at least two weeks before your appointment with Dr Kamal.

The cost of recurrent implantation failure appointments is $120 (after Medicare rebates). This includes a preconception care appointment where recommended. 

Want to find out more?

More information can be found on our recurrent implantation failure page and if you have any further questions, you can arrange a nurse chat with one of our fertility nurses.

For up to date health and wellness information on how to increase your chances of conception, check out our fertility news page, or download our e-book below.

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