Getting a Second Opinion on IVF Treatment

Getting a Second Opinion on IVF Treatment

We welcome fertility patients looking for a second opinion

It’s stressful trying (and failing) to get pregnant and choosing a doctor or clinic can be a daunting experience. We frequently have patients come to us for a second opinion on fertility treatment options having seen another clinic and we are fine with that!

We don’t mind being chosen second, or if you go to another clinic for a second opinion after having seen us. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make and you need to feel completely comfortable with the IVF clinic and doctor you choose.


How does Flinders Fertility approach investigations?

All fertility doctors and clinics have different approaches to infertility investigations which will vary based on the age of the patient, your known medical history, and the general ethos of the clinic.  

If you visit us for a second opinion then we are likely to:

  • Take a detailed medical history, including a detailed review of your (and your partner if you have one) diet, lifestyle, proximity to endocrine-disrupting chemicals, work environment, use of recreational drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
  • Check BMI, blood pressure
  • Review or request a semen analysis (if applicable)
  • Review all previous test results (if available)
  • Request further tests, which may include blood tests, diagnostic ultrasound, and investigations of the status of the fallopian tubes.

Your fertility doctor will then discuss the pros and cons of the options open to you to come to a shared decision.

What Should I Do if I Want a Second Opinion on My Fertility Treatment?

If you are looking for a second opinion from another IVF clinic, we are happy to give you your patient record details and/or any clinical notes that we have. Retrieving your records can take up to one business day (unless they are old paper records before 2017).

If you want to get a second opinion from us, please make a booking, pop a comment into the notes section on the website booking form, or call letting one of the admin team know.

Please bear in mind that some clinics may take up to two weeks to send us your medical records, so if you are thinking of coming to us for a second opinion, it’s best to ask your current clinic for a release of information as soon as you make your decision, so that we have them prior to your initial appointment.



Want to find out more?

If you have any further questions, you can arrange a nurse chat with one of our fertility nurses.

For health and wellness information on how to increase your chances of conception, check out our fertility news page, or download our e-book below.

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